SolidPitch and WebFix Help Redefine Web Presence for CoreThemes

CoreThemes is one of the best samples of our work because we had the opportunity to showcase most of our development abilities.
The existing design for their home page was quite hard to figure out.
It seemed that they were giving out too much information, the user was in danger of experiencing an overwhelming amount of information.
There were too many links, to many distracting clues.
Our focus was to dramatically simplify the layout and to drive the visitor into getting in touch with the professionals from CoreThemes right away.
Because of the spectrum of services CoreThemes offers, it’s very hard to explain with few words and images what’s all about.
To help give the site a more convincing attitude, we employed several video testimonials.
Of course, it was a fortunate situation to have their former clients in our studio and to be able to carry a freestyle, face to face conversation in front of the camera.
The videos were post processed in house and converted into Flash video.

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