SolidPitch is a video solution created by WebFix Studio, a Web Development/Video Production shop located in South Portland, Maine, USA.


Dragos Stancu is a Web Developer/Video Producer and founder of WebFix Studio.
Originally from Romania, Dragos came to US in 2001, almost on a dare, invited by a former high school colleague, to work together.
Until June 2012 he worked as a Web Developer for Common Census, Inc. of Westbrook.

While developing software and web applications, Dragos nurtured his relentless love for design and video. In 2007 he founded WebFix Studio. In 2008 he created a video solution that helped Common Census introduce insurance products to website visitors in a more personal manner, through the use of video and flash motion graphics. He also started building his first green screen / chroma key ready studio. The studio is been used by Common Census and WebFix Studio.

Dragos has a bachelor degree in Electronics with focus on Artificial Intelligence, from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania.

He has more than 12 years experience in Web Development.

Dragos lives in South Portland with his wife Jennie and their cat Ritchie.